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Streamline and breeze through your talent-hiring process with ResourceQueue’s B2B resource-sharing platform

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      What does ResourceQueue offer?

      At ResourceQueue, Your Business Plan Is Our Priority

      ResourceQueue provides a seamless platform designed to facilitate hiring contractual developers with ease. With our vetted database and intuitive process, the initiation of your development projects is smooth, enabling you to focus on progressing without wasting your precious time.

      Our platform provides an unparalleled opportunity for companies to connect with exceptional developers from all over the country in a seamless and efficient manner. Get in touch with us today and build your dream development team for your next project!

      Experienced Developers

      Gain access to comphrehensive database of highly skilled professionals equipped with the experience to tackle even the most complex coding hurdles. With custom search filters, swiftly identify experts with the right aptitude and knowlegde to get the job done.

      Best Contractual Price

      We understand that cost is an important factor while creating a development project and thus our partners provide developers with reasonable prices and assure the best contractual price in the market so you can be sure you're getting the best value for your needs.

      High-Profile Partners

      Establish long-term connection with clients ranging from large corporations to prominent startups. We have a track record of successful collaborations and are excited to continue creating more successful partnerships in the future.

      Scalability & Flexibility

      Effortlessly grow and expand your team by introducing multi-skilled resources without any disruptions to your output. Our platform makes it a breeze to hire expert developers on-demand, allowing you to easily scale your unit to suit any project's needs while enjoying optimum flexibility.

      Developers of All Stacks

      Choose Expert Developers of Different Stacks

      Hire Dedicated Cloud Developers

      Hire Dedicated CMS Developers

      Hire Dedicated eCommerce Developers

      Hire Dedicated Frontend Developers

      Hire Dedicated Full Stack Developers

      Hire Dedicated Testers

      No queue on ResourceQueue

      Say goodbye to wasting time and money on unreliable contractors who can't deliver. Trust us to take care of everything, so you can leave behind all your worries in the dust.

      Find developer easily

      Easily find and hire developers

      Discover and hire top developers with ease through ResourceQueue. With just a few clicks, find and connect with the best talent from across the country.

      Hire dedicated developers

      Hire Dedicated Developers, Not Freelancers

      To take your project to the next level, it's crucial to hire developers, not just freelancers. Give your project the attention it deserves by bringing on a dedicated team who can help turn your vision into a reality.

      Payment after time sheet approval

      Payment after time sheet approval

      Our clients always have control when it comes to monthly payment models, ensuring they are never overcharged.

      Build Scalable Teams

      Scalable Teams

      ResourceQueue helps businesses to scale up their team as per the project work, without losing quality.

      Safe and secure resource listing

      Secure Resource Listing. No Poaching

      We prioritize the safety and security of your resources and have implemented a strict no-poaching policy. You can be confident that your developers are well-protected.

      Escrow Payment Model

      Escrow Payment Model

      Rest assured, your hard-earned money is protected as it's kept in escrow. This offers a safety net for all talent partners involved.

      For Partner

      Got developers who are currently unoccupied? ResourceQueue has got you covered. It is a B2B resource sharing platform designed to empower businesses to better manage their developers and maximize their earning potential.

      Simply list your resources on ResourceQueue and let other businesses tap into your tech talent, eventually offering you a steady and sustainable stream of revenue. With streamlined process and hassle-free partnerships, ResourceQueue is no doubt a portal to making the most out of your resources. Say no more to downsizing resources and start building successful partnerships today!


      Work on
      Top-Tier Projects

      For Client

      Finding the right tech talent to work on your projects can be a real challenge. Let ResourceQueue make it easier for you by connecting you directly with experienced professionals with the skills you need.

      You can tap directly into an established network of reputed IT firms, gaining access to skilled resources who understand your project's unique goals and are equipped to execute them flawlessly. With this seamless process, you can save both time and efforts while also benefiting from increased flexibility and scalability.

      Get Developers
      to Work With You

      Build Amazing Teams, On Demand

      With ResourceQueue, you can hire additional developers as and when your projects call for them, allowing you to meet the needs of your project quickly and efficiently. By having access to a pool of pre-screened developers, it gives you the flexibility to bring on new staff as needed, without needing to go through an extensive recruitment process. This allows you to be agile and nimble in how you scale your development team as your projects grow, while still ensuring quality talent is hired whenever needed in no time.

      Hire in Jiffy

      Our intuitive user interface, powered by rigorous testing and verification of our database, ensures that hiring talent is an effortless experience. With an interface designed for user convenience, and our database of candidates, which is verified by our in-house experts, we make sure that the hiring process is both quick and seamless.

      Hire Expert Developers from All Stacks

      Our extensive database is composed of expert developers specializing in various stacks, ranging from full-stack development to back-end and front-end development, user interface design, database development, and more. We carefully vet our developers to ensure that they have the technical competence and experience to handle any development project with ease and efficiency.


      ResourceQueue enables you to hire highly skilled developers specializing in various technology stacks at a competitive market rate, ensuring efficient delivery of your projects and reducing costs. By utilizing ResourceQueue, you never have to worry about exceeding your budget and can rest assured that you'll get the most efficient services to meet your needs.

      Build A Top-Notch Team

      Add dedicated developers to your team from reputed IT companies that will ensure that all aspects of your development project meet its requirements. These developers have an in-depth knowledge base for troubleshooting any issue and will function as a nifty part of the team. As a result, you can trust that your project is in good hands and will be completed with the utmost proficiency and quality.

      Frequently Asked Question

        • When does my resource start working?

          Once a buyer/ client organization selects a resource, post the completion of the hiring process, your resource starts working for the Buyer as and when directed by them.

        • What should the Talent Partner do when my registration is rejected?

          If your registration is rejected, ensure you follow the instructions in the mail. If the issue still persists, mail us at Talent [email protected]

        • How can I check the price recommendation for my product on the ResourceQueue Platform?

          This feature is still in the Beta phase. We will be rolling it out soon.

        • Does ResourceQueue provide professional services?

          ResourceQueue is a B2B Hiring and Outsourcing platform that is developed and maintained by the ResourceQueue team. Our professional services are strictly restricted to modifying and maintaining this platform and resolving disputes.

        • Who will conduct the interview with my resource?

          Your resource will be interviewed by HRs or Talent Acquisition Managers authorized by the buyer/ client organization.

        • How many technologies can I list a single resource for?

          No cap exists on the number of technologies a resource can be listed for. Ensure the resources have substantial knowledge of the technologies you list them for. This will help you in getting your resources hired as early as possible.

        • How can I create my Talent Partner account on ResourceQueue?

          Registering as a Talent Partner on ResourceQueue is a simple 4-step process:

          1. Fill in your company’s profile with the required details.
          2. List your employees by skills, experience, and accomplishments.
          3. Express your employees’ interest in different organizations.
          4. Get your resources hired and start earning.
        • How can I list my resources on the ResourceQueue Panel?

          Once you have successfully registered and your profile is verified, you can log into your ResourceQueue account and start listing your resources.

          The Talent Partner Panel consists of all the necessary information and directions that you can need to register a resource successfully.

          If you encounter any troubles while doing so, please drop a mail with your queries at [email protected]

        • What can my resource do on the ResourceQueue Platform?

          ResourceQueue Platform is used by HRs, Talent Acquisition Managers, and Team Leaders of organizations. Listed resources need not use this platform at all.

        • Does uploading resource certifications affect their performance?

          Uploading your employees' certifications enhances the credibility of your resources and your organization. Certifications attract more clients and help in outsourcing your resources to worthy clients.

        • How does the Buyer select my resource?

          Whenever buyers search for prospective resources, they will gauge your resources based on their attributes, such as years of experience, certifications, company profile, and domain knowledge. Once the Buyer shortlists your resource, they will schedule an interview before taking the final call.

        • Does my resource need to sign any NDA with the Buyer?

          No, your resource will not have to sign a separate NDA with the Buyer. The NDA signed between the two organizations covers the provision for the same.

        • How to mark Holiday from the Talent Partner panel?

          Holidays will be decided in accordance with your and the client organization's policies. However, you can mention whether your listed resources work on weekends (Saturday & Sunday) and their work timings for respective days.

        • What is an Orders Report in the ResourceQueue Platform?

          An orders report consists of crucial details of your employees outsourced through ResourceQueue. An orders report provides you with all the details that you can possibly need to keep an accurate track of your resources.

        • How does the Talent Partner verification process work?

          After you register by filling in the profile details and uploading the mandatory documents required for Talent Partner verification, we will verify your organization in less than 24 hours. Upon completion of the verification, you will be granted access to ResourceQueue.

        • How many Resources can I List?

          You can list as many resources of the organization as you want. We suggest you list only those resources that are unoccupied and available for hire in the near future.

        • What happens when my resource is selected?

          Whenever your resource is selected, you will be notified via email. Post the selection of your resource,

          a. An NDA will be signed between your organization and the client organization.

          b. Transfer of funds by the Buyer into the escrow account.

          c. Your resource will start working as per the agreement.

        • How does ResourceQueue ensure that our Intellectual Property is protected?

          Every Talent Partner organization on the ResourceQueue platform is made to sign an NDA before outsourcing their developers. These NDAs have provisions to safeguard the Intellectual Property of the Buyer organizations.

        • Who owns the legal rights to the work created by a ResourceQueue developer?

          The client owns all rights to the work assigned and completed by our dedicated resources. ResourceQueue's sole purpose is to facilitate the best possible talent across the Nation for your projects.

        • What happens if a ResourceQueue developer is unavailable for the scheduled days or times to work with us?

          ResourceQueue functions in a way that such a circumstance doesn't arise. We screen and accept organizations and developers that adhere to the highest standards of professionalism and productivity. Each dedicated resource prioritizes availability and reliability. However, if such a situation arises, strict action is initiated against the offender, and the client is reimbursed for the time the resource is unavailable.

        • Can I bring ResourceQueue developers on-site?

          Our dedicated resource model aims to reduce development costs for our clients by providing top-grade remote resources that get the job done. But if your project requirements call for on-site developers, we can always work out an arrangement with all stakeholders involved to do the needful.