What is ResourceQueue?

ResourceQueue is a B2B resource-sharing platform that redefines talent hiring for IT companies.


Our Story

We have been handling technology services for the past 6 years and as an organization, we have always come across freelancing platforms that connect freelancers with companies. But there are hardly any platforms that connect B2B resources for an improved and trusted collaboration. That’s when we thought of creating an elite marketplace that can deal with B2B resource sharing, wherein reputed IT companies can hire developers from other companies directly through us.


ResourceQueue started with the mission to connect different IT companies in a simple & credible way. It creates endless opportunities for talented professionals associated with organizations to work for any number of organizations, as long as they are matched. This B2B resource-sharing platform helps companies find the right resources in the IT sector and help their associated employees gain more experience working across different companies. ResourceQueue's goal is not just about connecting but also providing reliable connections so both parties can thrive through it all!


We aspire to become a go-to place for every IT organization that is in search of dedicated and professional developers associated with prestigious organizations. Looking ahead, it's not just about finding talent; any business needs support when searching for qualified candidates. Our goal is to offer 100% satisfaction, right from start through the finish without leaving any worries behind for you.


Sharing resources has become a convenient option for companies with fluctuating business requirements. That’s why we at ResourceQueue ensure to connect you with diligently selected IT companies that provide developers on a contract basis. We are a leading B2B marketplace to identify the requirements and opportunities of resource sharing which ultimately has led us to a solution-driven approach.

Sharing resources forms a base for companies to create a simple, secure, and stable hiring process where they can collaborate with different organizations. With all this in mind, ResourceQueue has created this business-to-business resource-sharing marketplace that reduces employee management costs, helps fast-track projects by instantly expanding teams whenever needed, and lets organizations earn by providing their skilled developers to work on different projects.

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