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Upscale your team with dedicated Ionic developers to build high-quality cross-platform apps that are robust, scalable and user-friendly. Our carefully selected developers, sourced from leading IT companies and vetted by experts, are skilled in creating cutting-edge mobile applications that run seamlessly on all devices.

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Simplify Your Search for Ionic Developers with ResourceQueue

Leverage the expertise of our carefully selected Ionic developers to build cutting-edge cross-platform mobile applications. With ResourceQueue, you can easily find and hire dedicated Ionic developers who possess the necessary skills and experience to bring your app ideas to life. Our thorough vetting process ensures that you get access to top professionals who are proficient in Ionic development and have a proven track record of delivering successful projects.



ResourceQueue offers cost-effective solutions, allowing you to save on expenses related to in-house recruitment, training, and infrastructure set-up. By accessing skilled developers at competitive rates, you can optimize your budget and achieve a better return on investment

Flexible Contracts

Flexible Contracts

We provide flexible contract options tailored to your project requirements, whether it's short-term or long-term. You can choose to hire Ionic developers on a project basis, ensuring that you only pay for the work completed.

Assurance of quality

Quality Assurance

Our skilled Ionic developers prioritize quality over everything and ensure a high standard for your mobile application projects. Their skills and expertise help them create bug-free mobile applications that work seamlessly on various devices.

Ionic developer

Expertise Offered by Ionic Developers

Cross Platform Development

Ionic has the feature and ability to create cross-platform mobile applications. Our dedicated Ionic developers have the ability and expertise to create reliable and manageable code that works seamlessly for Android and IOS platforms.

Testing and Debugging

Our creative and innovative Ionic developers are well-versed in code testing tools and techniques. They can easily test the code, find the bugs, and resolve them strategically to ensure that the applications are free from any issues.

Integrating third-party plugins and APIs

Our experienced developers have hands-on experience in integrating third-party plugins to extend mobile app capabilities. They are also experts in creating and integrating APIs in the absence of prebuilt plugins to fetch and send data.

Use Project Management Tools

Proper knowledge of project management tools is crucial for Ionic developers to ensure best practices and meet deadlines with ease. Our skilled Ionic developers are experts in all important project management tools like Azure Boards, Notion, Jira Agile, etc.

Mobile app development

Our skilled Ionic developers are proficient in mobile app development concepts like responsive design, adaptive layouts, touch events, breakpoints, deployment, performance optimization, etc., to ensure the responsiveness and seamless functioning of mobile applications.

CLI proficiency

CLI or Command Line Interface is a crucial part of mobile app development to perform deployments and cloud builds. Our innovative and experienced Ionic developers are well versed with its commands, concepts, built-in development server, debugging tools, etc.

How to Hire Talent From ResourceQueue? 

Hire Exceptional Talent To Build Your Vision 

ResourceQueue simplifies the process of hiring dedicated developers to pave the way for the seamless execution of your projects. Your business can directly tap into reputed IT firms and avail skilled resources who comprehend your project's goals and objectives.

Advantages of Using Ionic for Your Projects

Ionic is a free, open-source front-end SDK framework based on Apache Cordova and Angular. It uses web technologies to help you create mobile applications that work on different browsers and operating systems. Ionic has a command-line interface and efficient performance with little DOM manipulation, which helps developers to create apps easily. It helps modern businesses to present themselves in a unique and mobile-friendly way to increase their customer base and enhance user experience. Have a look at the top advantages of using Ionic in your projects.

Cross Platform Development

Ionic is a free and open-source framework to develop cross-platform responsive, scalable, and user-friendly mobile applications. The advantages of the platform streamline the development process, reduce time and effort, and save costs.

Speed of development

Ionic comes with a plethora of pre-built UI and Cordova components, themes, and plugins to help you get started quickly. Ionic Developers can easily and quickly generate functional prototypes and concentrate on app features to enhance the application's performance.

High Performance

Ionic apps offer good performance by allowing developers to build high-performing functional user interfaces with an engaging design. It allows developers to use CSS transitions to make the most of the GPU and increase processor time.

Interactive UI/UX Design

Ionic has an array of alluring themes, layouts, and designs to attract a high number of customers. It offers predefined components that can be used again and again to boost interactivity. Its CLI offers developers various plugins to enhance the visual look of the apps further.

Highly Secure

Mobile applications built with Ionic are highly secure due to their in-app security, authentication, and data encryption. These security features ensure safeguard user data and app integrity and, therefore, save the applications from security threats.

Wide Community and Support

Ionic has a huge, supportive, and active developer community that are experts in the Ionic field. New developers have the option to connect and talk with them to clarify their doubts and get support and solutions to problems they face.

Guide to Hire Ionic Developers

For successful and high-quality Ionic projects, it's important to hire dedicated Ionic programmer who possesses top-level skills and extensive experience in the Ionic development field. The performance and success of your projects depend on the people working on it; therefore, find Ionic developer who understands the Ionic framework, components, and libraries in depth. However, hiring the right people is a challenging task for hiring managers if they are unaware of the skills the Ionic developer should possess. In this guide, we have highlighted the top skills to look for when hiring a dedicated Ionic developer.

Proficient in utilizing Frameworks and Libraries

Having a proper working knowledge of frameworks and libraries is important to carry out Ionic development projects successfully. Hire Ionic framework developers who are proficient in harnessing the potential of frameworks and libraries, including Ionic, Angular.js, ReactJS, Vue.js, and Cordova. Angular and React can help them build a user-friendly interface, and Cordova knowledge is crucial for native apps to run as cross-platform hybrid applications. Find Ionic developers who also have a deep understanding of Ionic frameworks, components, services, and CLI. Ensure that these Ionic developers have the working hands-on experience in using these frameworks across different platforms.

Have strong UI/UX development skills

UI/UX design plays an important part in the success of every development project, and the same goes for Ionic mobile app development projects. Hire Ionic developer who can be adept at UI development skills to create an engaging, user-friendly, and responsive application interface. Ensure that the Ionic developers know visual design, layout and composition, responsive design, consistency, iconography, and other important elements of UI. Besides that, strong UX development skills are also important to ensure high user satisfaction and increased retention. Knowledge of things like user research, AB testing, user-centered design, and information architecture is vital.

Familiarity with Web and Backend Technologies

Ionic apps are developed in such a way that they work in the browsers of different operating systems. A high level of knowledge and experience in web and backend technologies is required to build such apps. Hire Ionic developers who are proficient in web technologies, including JavaScript, HTML/HTML5, and CSS/CSS3, to create structure and perform styling of the mobile application. Many Ionic mobile applications require integrating the front end with backend technologies through different languages to construct a supportive and responsive backend. To ensure that, hire Ionic app developer who possesses in-depth knowledge of backend technologies like python, php, java, Node JS, etc.

Strong Communication and Problem Solving

Strong communication and problem-solving skills are essential to work in any field. When you hire remote Ionic developers, it's important to ensure they have high-level communication skills to collaborate with clients, team leads, and other departments efficiently. Good communication skills help developers communicate the problem clearly in case of bugs or issues and provide effective solutions to resolve it. However, to solve the issues, it's crucial for Ionic developers to have problem-solving skills. Hire dedicated Ionic web developer who can diagnose and debug the issues clearly to ensure the smooth functioning of the application.

Ionic Interview Question

Here are a couple of interview questions that you can use while evaluating your Ionic Developer candidate

Frequently asked question

  • How will ResourceQueue help my company hire better Ionic developers than a Headhunter firm?

    At ResourceQueue, quality assurance and accountability are our major USPs. We personally onboard organizations and their associated employees after a thorough verification process. We also blacklist the GSTIN’s of fraudulent and cheat companies and maintain a separate directory of the same. This process ensures that we introduce you to the most reliable and credible IT companies that outsource their developers to work in diverse organizations.

  • How can I hire the best Ionic developer for my company through ResourceQueue?

    You can check several parameters before hiring Ionic developers to find a right fit for your project: 1. Evaluate the developer’s portfolio and associated organization. 2. Check expertise level in developing enterprise applications. 3. At least 1+ years of experience in building high-end Ionic applications. 4. Feedback from different organizations on developer’s work.

  • What are the benefits of using Ionic for Mobile App Development?

    - The benefits of developing Ionic-based applications surpass other frameworks. Here are some of the advantages of building apps with Ionic: 1. Equipped with an entire suite of tools that have native compatibility. 2. Developer friendly. 3. Trusted by both small and large companies. 4. Fueled by a developer-centric team.

  • How to find the best company in India that offers Ionic developers?

    If you want to hire Ionic developers in India, then look for a company with the following features: 1. Team with cumulative experience of 10+ years in the development industry. 2. Have developed at least 20+ apps. 3. Transparent selection process.

  • Can you manage the Ionic we hire?

    Being a B2B resource sharing platform, we help companies list their resources to get hired by different IT & ITES companies. Once you upload your Ionic developers’ details, we will manage them and look after their hiring process.

  • Why should I hire a dedicated developer from another company?

    At ResourceQueue, you get to hire dedicated and skilled developers instantly to work on your projects. Contrarily, if you try to search for an Ionic developer, you will spend at least 2-3 weeks finding the right candidate. Besides, it will be difficult to retain the developer after the project ends. Hence, it becomes helpful to hire a dedicated developer from another company only when the need arises. Furthermore, you get the following benefits: 1. Opportunity to leverage the developer’s expertise. 2. Hire monthly or on a project basis. 3. Quality work with minimum or no risk.

  • What industries and projects have the Ionic developers of ResourceQueue previously worked on?

    Our skilled and dedicated Ionic developers have extensive experience working in different industries, which include e-commerce, healthcare, travel, finance, technology, marketing, and many more. Their diverse skillset in various industries can efficiently be utilized to create cross-platform mobile applications for your business industry.

  • Do your Ionic developers have experience working remotely?

    Our dedicated and innovative Ionic developers are rigorously screened for their technical skills, creative abilities, soft skills, and personal qualities. Our screening process is designed in such a way that ensures a developer can easily and efficiently work remotely under minimal supervision.

  • Can I verify Ionic developers' qualifications and portfolios before hiring them?

    We believe in transparency and follow ethical methods to ensure you provide Ionic developers that match your project requirements. You can simply check the developer's profile, portfolio, and qualifications to make an informed decision. Reviewing their profile, you can analyze their talents, expertise, and experience in the Ionic industry.

  • How long does it take you, on average, to fill developer positions?

    ResourceQueue has an exhaustive list of developers skilled in diverse languages. All of these developers are available at immediate notice to join your engineering teams. You can easily hire developers within 48-72 hours (2-3 days).