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How ResourceQueue Is Fuelling India's Remote Hiring Revolution

How ResourceQueue Is Fuelling India's Remote Hiring Revolution

With a net addition of over 4.5 Lakh Techies in FY22, the highest-ever increase in the already 50 Lakh strong pool of skilled IT professionals, India has undoubtedly established its position as a global hub of digital talent.

Contributing a whopping eight percent to the GDP of Financial Year 2021, the Indian IT sector is progressing rapidly towards realizing its potential of becoming a trillion-dollar digital economy.

Tech organizations in India drive growth through job creation, alleviating poverty and upgrading lifestyles of people en masse. With over 200 angels, 4200+ startups, 150+ VCs and 100+ accelerators, India has already been ranked as the third largest startup ecosystem by NASSCOM.

The Information Technology & Business Process Management (IT-BPM) has contributed significantly towards the socio-economic growth of the nation. The Indian IT industry crossed $200 bn in revenue in the financial year 2022 with the domestic tech market generating a revenue of $50 bn. The domestic end-user spend on IT services in India saw a rise of 10.7 percent over the previous year to $18 billion in 2021.

With consistent growth in the number of tech employees and the revenue generated it is safe to say that the IT industry is undisputedly the driver of the future of modern India.

What part will you choose to play in this global technological revolution?

Challenges That Haunt The Indian Startup Ecosystem

Despite the impetus given to startups from government institutions and the popularity of the startup culture among a majority of the tech graduates in India, surprisingly enough, 85% of the Indian Startups fail within 5 years of their inception for a variety of reasons.

Let’s have a close look at the major factors that are detrimental to startups’ failure or success and how ResourceQueue tackles them all at their very core.

1. Faulty Financial Funding

Most Indian startups are either bootstrapped i.e. they are funded from the savings of the founder or are either run through the borrowings from friends, family members, grants, crowdfunding, and venture capitalists.

Most startups fail to secure sufficient funding as they start to grow. Timely infusion of capital during the scaling of an organization is crucial as it is the make or break point for most startups.

How can startups grow sustainably without facing the possibility of going out of business?

Here is why ResourceQueue is an effective solution to the problem.

Most startups burn a significant amount of their funding on hiring and training of employees required for the execution of their projects. Once the project is completed, and if projects at hand are scarce, a major chunk of employees are either benched or leave the organization for lack of growth opportunities.

With project based remote hiring, ResourceQueue does away with your worries of employing in house employees and the associated overhead costs that come with them. Furthermore, you can always outsource your benched resources to clients across India at just a click of a button.

With ResourceQueue not only do you save on your training and hiring costs, but you are also able to generate a constant stream of income by outsourcing your developers through us.
The perks of outsourcing through ResourceQueue are twofold as your developers get hands-on experience of innovation. By collaborating on solutions that offer cutting-edge services to the ever evolving tech landscape, ResourceQueue adds extraordinary skills and expertise to your resources.

2. Hiring Capable Employees

The gap between the knowledge imparted in learning institutions and the knowledge required for application of technology is ever widening due to the exponential evolution of the technological world. And since startups cannot afford mediocrity, fresh college graduates are not a perfect fit for them.

Also, due to the inherent risk of failure of startups, experienced candidates are lured by the stability and reputation that large companies offer. Even freshers that start their careers at a startup switch to established organizations after a few years.

These factors pose a great threat to startups, wherein they fail despite having ample funding, will power, and the potential to succeed.

ResourceQueue rescues ambitious startups from this juxtaposition by offering them vetted experts from startup and well established organizations, thus creating a talent pool that is accessible to all in need.

3. Creating Awareness Among Clients

Starting a business in a technology flooded world is a double-edged sword!
You can leverage technology to your benefit, but so can your immediate competitor. Every potential client of yours is possibly flooded with more quotations and pitches than you possibly forward in a month.

Even if you are shortlisted by a particular client, there arises an issue of competitive pricing and exploitation of the contract terms by the service availer.

Lakhs of rupees are drained down the advertising and marketing drain in hopes of finding clients, only to be disappointed by a negligible Return On Investment (ROI).

ResourceQueue not only attracts the best clients for your resources, it also actively safeguards the interests of your organization and your employees.

We ensure you always get your time and money’s worth in an environment that encourages learning and innovation. With ResourceQueue, grow beyond your geographical and networking constraints where we sincerely value your potential and aspirations.

By revolutionizing B2B hiring and outsourcing, ResourceQueue aims to unite the tech revolutionaries of the nation by creating a platform for excellence, creative collaborations, and mutually beneficial partnerships.

Why Should You Join ResourceQueue?

ResourceQueue was conceptualized with a future-first approach. We do not intend to follow a trend, but start one.

Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, conventional systems of employment and business have proved to be obsolete as the world was forced to adapt to a remote way of working. Due to the pandemic, the ensuing geopolitical tensions, supply chain disruptions, and inflation concerns, IMF’s WEO outlook (Jan-2022) has pegged the global GDP growth at 5.9%.

As per the GoI’s Economic Survey 2021-22, India’s GDP growth has been estimated at an astounding 9.2%. This is because according to NASSCOM chairperson Rekha M. Menon,

”India remains committed to catalyzing the trillion-dollar digital economy with primary focus on talent, technology, collaboration, and innovation.”

More than 70% of organizations in India have started adopting hybrid work models by setting global benchmarks on recruiting through virtual screening, onboarding and training.

Remote working is not a future possibility anymore, it has already arrived!

Sooner or later every tech organization in the country will be forced to hire remote developers because it would have indisputably become a norm. By leveraging the comprehensive internet connectivity through the country, organizations should immediately choose to hire resources with prerequisite expertise from all over the nation.

Every organization at some point in time has compromised due to lack of worthy candidates. With ResourceQueue at your disposal you can sort and hire the best possible candidates for the job from all over the country, without letting go of projects that you so painstakingly earn.

Why look desperately for clients through existing channels when you can register on a platform where clients find you instead?

ResourceQueue aims to clear every roadblock that tech organizations face and pave the path towards hassle-free, valuable and profitable sharing of resources, which in turn, will create mini ecosystems of entrepreneurs which will then proliferate the national tech ecosystem as a whole.

Who Is ResourceQueue For?

No matter if you are an entry-level developer or an IT industry veteran, a small organization in a tier two or tier three city, or a huge corporation in a tier one city.

ResourceQueue is for everyone!

For Organisations Wanting To Hire Resources

What better than you being able to sort developers from across the nation to your custom requirements of skills, expertise, and experience?
ResourceQueue brings with it just the resources that you were looking for, yet were never able to find.
With a comprehensive database of verified seller organizations and vetted developers, hiring has never been as effortless.

Hiring the perfect candidate is now definitely possible!

For Organisations Wanting To Outsource Resources

Are you waiting for that phone to ring or that mail to come in?
Why struggle with reaching out to the world when you place yourself at a place where the world comes to you?

With a platform that attracts verified buyer organizations that mean business, ResourceQueue is a place for uncharted growth, without the impediment of your geographical location, employee strength or years of operation to pull you down.

For Talent Acquisition Managers

If you are a talent acquisition manager, you have already witnessed the scarcity of talent in the country from close. If and when you do acquire the desired talent, it is frustrating to watch them hop from organization to organization, until they eventually disappear.

With ResourceQueue handy, you can choose stable talent that neither disappoints nor ghosts you. We help your organization to repeat success with resources that consistently redefine the set benchmarks of professionalism, reliability, and timely delivery.

For IT Industry Veterans

If you have 10+ years of experience in the IT industry, you are already losing money!.
Yes you are!
You are losing the ample amount of money you could earn by making use of your network to build your net worth.

Use your network to your advantage by helping us and your fellow colleagues or ex-colleagues by sharing the best talent in the country where their worth is recognised and duly paid for!

At ResourceQueue two plus two is definitely more than four!
How much more than four depends upon your drive to help us and yourself.

Collaborate with ResourceQueue today and put your years of labor to work as you near retirement.

For Developers

Developers are at the links that hold the chain of innovation together. The Indian Tech Ecosystem is only as strong as its least skilled developers.

As a developer do you aspire to grow in skills, expertise and experience?

Through clients from multiple industries and by working on projects with variable scopes, gain the exposure that helps you accelerate your profession to the level that helps you leave a mark and make a name for yourself in the industry.


With its unique model of B2B hiring and outsourcing, ResourceQueue has already established itself as a pioneer in the tech industry. By revolutionizing the way organizations function and collaborate, we aim to offer an alternative way of innovating to all stakeholders of the Indian Tech Ecosystem, irrespective of their location, employee strength, and valuation, purely on the basis of talent.

The impossible has been made accessible to those that are capable, with ResourceQueue.

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