How to Source Tech Talent Faster in 2023

How to source tech talent faster

In recent years, the tech sector has experienced exponential growth. Due to the current market's rapid technical growth, it has become quite competitive. As a result, there is more-than-ever demand for digital skills like software development, UX design, and data analysis. Businesses are now hiring tech recruiters to perform technical recruiting and select the finest applicant for their growth and development.

Additionally, recruiters are looking for applicants with the necessary technical skills to promote creative innovation and business expansion at IT companies. Roles like IT specialists, data scientists, software developers, engineers, etc., are included in it. The candidate experience is vital in shortlisting talent and needs a significant focus from HR departments. If you are thinking about sourcing the right tech talent in 2023, then here are some of the best hiring strategies that you should consider.

1.Optimize your career site

A prospective employee will likely contact your business through your career site. Since hiring is anticipated to continue rapidly in 2023, it is imperative to improve your career website so that prospects can find it easy and that it is both appealing and user-friendly. The website should be user-friendly and make it simple for applicants to create profiles, look for opportunities, and submit applications. Your career site will significantly improve by using a chatbot to give candidates information and responses within time. The site shall be more appealing to qualified prospects with content like videos and infographics.
Candidates that place high importance on the work environment may be attracted by videos highlighting aspects of working at the organization. Candidates can learn much about the workplace culture and the individuals they will work with if their application is accepted by speaking with current employees in the interviews. It is also crucial to check that your career website, the application forms, and search processes are mobile-friendly. Additionally, you need to increase the possibility that search engines will send people to your career site so you can utilize search engine optimization for the same.

2. Implement an applicant tracking system

You should use an applicant tracking system (ATS) in your career website or recruitment marketing software during the hiring process. An applicant tracking system (ATS) handles candidates, job advertisements, applications, and job offers from start to finish and builds a searchable database of candidates, resumes, and job descriptions. An ATS also aids in scheduling interviews, notifying recruiters and candidates via automated emails, and informing recruiters and hiring managers of the progress along every step of the hiring procedure.
This a fantastic tool for managing the entire hiring process. You will be able to view, identify, evaluate, and rate individuals in relation to job opportunities as they pass through the talent and application pools in your applicant tracking system (ATS). This tool will be helpful for you no matter whether the candidate has come from on the career site, whether through an external job advertisement or a social media channel.
As a result, managing the hiring process using an ATS is an intelligent method to provide candidates with a positive experience and, as a result, a positive first impression of the organization they may soon work for. Candidates are more likely to accept an offer if the process is professionally managed and constant communication outlines expectations and future stages. By doing this, you can hire top people before your rivals. Meanwhile, some ATS include built-in AI capabilities, which also significantly improve your hiring procedures.

3. Determine the source of your best talent

Source of hiring will assist you in comprehending why those sources are successful for you and how to approach sites where sourcing returns are low. Finding out where the top applicants are coming from will help you source people more effectively. The source of hiring (SoH) for successful candidates who go on to become high-performing, value-adding employees should be tracked and constantly reviewed. SoH will inform you of the sources of potential candidates and present employees, such as your career website, job boards, social media postings, and employee recommendations. This metric can be tracked for several applicant types, including unsuccessful candidates, successful hires, and passive candidates, as well as for various locations and jobs.
You can also hunt for new sources to include and delete some underperforming sources from upcoming updates. Based on data on where candidates were sourced, you can utilize the ATS tool to measure SoH. Furthermore, you can use analytics from job-search websites, as analytics from a recruitment marketing platform will display which recruiting sites contributed towards the hiring of candidates.

4. Utilize the Contacts of your Tech Team

It is a good idea to ask your co-workers to help you by simply re-sharing or retweeting your postings on social media and advertising vacancies through your usual channels. Every recruiter can think of a few exceptional candidates they found through a straightforward social media re-post.
Therefore, if you need to fill a new position quickly, you should first ask your IT team to share the job description on their social media pages. The following will be accomplished simultaneously:
• Candidates will get to know about the hiring immediately through their connections.
• The candidate will be well-known to team members, which improves the team’s cohesiveness.
• Engineers on the team can therefore act as the first filter, allowing only the most qualified applicants to get into this hiring funnel.
However, you’ll need both knowledgeable old-tech staff and new joiners on board for this plan to be successful. You can also seek beyond the obvious locations by extending your search beyond the few major IT centres.

If you look in the appropriate area, you may quickly find many tech gurus. However, before beginning your search, you must first know what you are looking for. You can't discover the appropriate application if you don’t know the precise needs, abilities, and qualifications that you need. It is crucial to pinpoint the essential talents needed because we are dealing with technical matters here. Once you’ve established what’s required, move on to identify the applicants in the appropriate locations. So, always concentrate on your efforts in the areas where your chances of finding IT talent are the highest.

6.Make the job description engaging and practical.

A strong job description is the foundation of every talent acquisition strategy. In the tech sector, it is evident that different jobs require diverse skill sets, and the job description should reflect this. In that perspective, you need to try including a member of the technology department in creating the appropriate job description to increase the effectiveness of your tech hiring.
Additionally, recruiters must be reasonable in their demands. Companies have been known to seek out applicants with three years of experience for entry-level positions. So, make it simpler for them to locate the posting as well. However, nowadays, people use search engines to look up specific phrases and explore their alternatives. As a result, ensure you are accessible to them on all platforms.

7.Communication is essential

Everyone must communicate effectively if they want their business to run smoothly. The employment procedure for IT organizations is the same. Keep the candidates informed about each step; if they have any questions, address them and offer comments. As we previously indicated, be familiar with technical language and its issues and topics.
It is also crucial to be explicit about what is expected of each party, whether it be in terms of compensation or working conditions.


Sourcing tech talent is becoming increasingly important in today's fast-paced and ever-evolving business environment. With the right strategies and tools, companies can attract and hire top talent quickly and efficiently. By leveraging technology, building a strong employer brand, and cultivating a diverse talent pool, companies can stay ahead of the competition and meet their hiring needs. It is essential to focus on creating a positive candidate experience, providing clear communication, and offering competitive compensation and benefits.

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