10 Essential Skills Every WordPress Developer Should Have in 2023

Skills Every WordPress Developer Should Have

With more than 43% of all websites on the internet and steady development, WordPress can easily brag about a bright and sustainable future. Even more astonishing is that WordPress's market share increases to 66% if you restrict your analysis to only websites created using content management systems.

WordPress offers a variety of plugins, themes, and core features that enable e-commerce solutions, ERP solutions, multivendor marketplace solutions, SEO solutions, website analytics solutions, and more. This expands the capabilities of traditional website content management systems.

Web developers and programmers are increasingly drawn to the WordPress ecosystem by its rapid but steady growth for excellent job opportunities. But before joining the team, you must possess an incredible collection of talents.

What’s the role of a WordPress Developer?

WordPress Developer is a professional who specializes in the development and design of WordPress websites. They can build custom themes, modify existing ones, create robust plugins, maintain databases, write code for pages, configure web servers, customize user interfaces, and more. But with the technology advancing so rapidly and the competitors becoming fiercer every day, everyone needs to be on top of their game.

10 Essential Skills for WordPress Developersin 2023:

Full-stack WordPress developers are crucial because they possess the skills to handle all aspects of web development, such as database design, server-side programming, client-side scripting, and web design. There are a few crucial abilities you should search for if you want to work as a full-stack WordPress developer or want to employ one. Ten skills that any expert WordPress developer needs to possess are listed below:


The fundamentals of website construction are HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). A WordPress developer should master both HTML and CSS. To style the website, they need to be able to produce precise, semantic HTML code. Because HTML and CSS are the foundational languages of web pages, they are prerequisites for a full-stack WordPress developer.

While CSS is used to style web pages, HTML is used to structure them. A full-stack WordPress developer could not produce aesthetically pleasing and valuable websites without a solid grasp of HTML and CSS.

A WordPress developer must know HTML and CSS since they enable the following:

  • Effectively organize webpages: A web page's structure is defined using HTML, which defines headers, lists, and further understanding. A WordPress developer with the entire stack could not build well-structured web pages without HTML.
  • Style websites effectively: Web pages are styled using CSS, which establishes the layout, typography, colours, and other visual components. A WordPress developer would be unable to produce visually appealing web pages that are simple to read and navigate without a solid grasp of CSS.
  • Troubleshoots: Code in HTML and CSS can be complicated, and mistakes can happen. When problems emerge, a WordPress developer with knowledge of HTML and CSS will be able to fix them and ensure the website is functionally and aesthetically sound.
  • Website optimization: HTML and CSS knowledge is also necessary for optimizing websites for performance and search engine optimization. A WordPress developer can build websites that load quickly and are simple for search engines to scan and index by employing clean, semantic HTML and CSS.


JavaScript is a powerful scripting language for client-side programming, animation, and interactive features. A WordPress developer must be knowledgeable in JavaScript and capable of enhancing user experience using libraries like jQuery.

JavaScript is a programming language that provides interaction and dynamic behaviour to web pages. Thus, a WordPress developer must be familiar with it. As a client-side language that executes in the user's browser, JavaScript enables real-time updates and modifications without necessitating a page reload. Here are several explanations for why a WordPress developer needs to know JavaScript.

  • Increasing interactivity: WordPress developers may utilize JavaScript to make interactive components like pop-up windows, sliders, and animations that can improve user experience on a website. Websites would be stagnant and less attractive without JavaScript.
  • Increasing functionality: WordPress websites' functionality may be increased by using JavaScript. It may be used, for instance, to build dynamic forms that react to user input or to provide WordPress plugins with unique capabilities.
  • WordPress theme customization: JavaScript may change how a theme behaves. It may be used, for instance, to add personalized navigation menus or modify the behaviour of already-existing page components.
  • Working with APIs (Application Programming Interface): JavaScript is frequently used to interact with APIs, which connect WordPress websites to external services like social networking channels or payment processors. Using JavaScript, WordPress developers may establish dynamic, real-time interactions with these services.
  • Identifying and fixing problems: JavaScript is a crucial resource for debugging and troubleshooting that could occur in WordPress websites. Developers may track faults, check the website's condition, and identify potential concerns using JavaScript.

PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor)

WordPress was created using the server-side programming language PHP. A PHP expert who can create original WordPress plugins and themes is a full-stack WordPress developer. Since WordPress is founded on PHP, a WordPress developer must be well-versed in PHP to create and modify WordPress websites efficiently. Here are several justifications for why a WordPress developer must be fluent in PHP:

  • The making of unique WordPress themes and plugins: Programmers utilize PHP to develop original WordPress themes and plugins. A WordPress developer proficient in PHP may construct unique features, layouts, and designs for WordPress websites.
  • Identifying and fixing problems: WordPress website debugging and troubleshooting need the use of PHP, which is a crucial tool. Developers may evaluate the website's condition, report errors, and identify potential difficulties by comprehending PHP.
  • WordPress core customization: Developers working with PHP can customize WordPress by creating additional features such as custom post types and taxonomies that are not already included in the platform. However, this may also impact the functionality of WordPress's core files.
  • Working with databases: PHP is used with MySQL databases to store data for WordPress websites. By learning PHP, developers can efficiently handle WordPress data and create custom database queries.
  • Enhancing website performance: PHP increases website performance by caching data and lowering server queries. Expert PHP developers may build unique caching solutions and improve website speed for improved user experience.


WordPress uses the MySQL database to store its data. A fully-fledged WordPress developer should know MySQL and have the skills to build, query, and maintain databases. Learning MySQL is crucial for full-stack developers for a variety of reasons. To name a few:

  • Administration of databases: Database administration is a skill that full-stack engineers must possess to do their jobs. A full-stack developer may handle databases successfully by understanding MySQL, a well-liked and widely used relational database management system (RDBMS).
  • Backend development: Bystack is capable of effectively managing data stored in MySQL by optimizing query performance and developing efficient database schemas.
  • Full-stack development: Full-stack developers must be able to work on a web application's front end and back end. A full-stack developer may build a solid backend to complement their frontend work by mastering MySQL.
  • Used widely: Since MySQL is one of the most used RDBMS, understanding MySQL will open many employment and opportunity options for full-stack developers. A full-stack developer can work on various projects by knowing MySQL because many well-known online apps and websites use it.
  • Scalability: MySQL has excellent scalability, making it capable of managing massive volumes of users and data. Learning MySQL is a crucial step in the process of developing scalable online applications, which is a skill required by full-stack engineers.

Git (version control)

Git is a version control tool used by full-stack WordPress developers to manage code changes, communicate with other developers and push code to live servers. Learning Git is crucial for WordPress developers for several reasons. To name a few:

  • Version control: Git is a well-liked version control program that enables programmers to keep track of changes to code over time. As a WordPress developer, you'll probably work on sizable codebases with several contributors. Git makes it simple to monitor changes and cooperate with others.
  • Developing plugins and themes: WordPress programmers frequently produce original plugins and themes. Git makes it simple to monitor modifications to plugins and themes and manage code changes.
  • Backup and restore: Git enables programmers to back up their code and restore earlier versions if required. This is crucial for WordPress developers, who must ensure their websites are consistently operating correctly.
  • Deployment: Git may be used to deploy code to servers used for production. WordPress developers may speed up the deployment process and guarantee that the correct code is deployed by understanding Git.
  • Career development: Git is extensively utilized in the IT sector, and many businesses demand that WordPress developers know about it. WordPress developers may broaden their job prospects and boost their careers by learning Git.

Responsive Design

The process of creating websites that are optimized for multiple screen sizes and devices is known as responsive design. A skilled full-stack WordPress developer should be able to employ media queries, responsive design, and other methods to build websites that look fantastic on all devices. The following are some justifications for web developers learning responsive design:

  • Mobile usage: As the number of people using mobile devices to access the internet rises, web developers must ensure their websites are mobile-friendly. With responsive design, websites are made to be simply navigable and user-friendly across all platforms.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO): Responsive design is crucial for SEO. Websites that are not mobile-friendly may suffer in search engine results since Google has said that responsive design is a ranking factor.
  • Experience for users: Having a responsive design is crucial for retaining and engaging users because it provides a consistent and optimal experience across all devices.
  • Cost-effective: Responsive design eliminates the need to create multiple websites for different devices, which can be expensive and time-consuming. By using responsive design, web developers can create websites that work correctly on every device without requiring separate designs.

Cross-Browser Compatibility

In various browsers, websites might have a varied appearances and functionality. Cross-browser compatibility should be mastered by a full-stack WordPress developer, who can also test and optimize websites for various browsers. It refers to a website's or online application's capacity to operate reliably and error-free across various web browsers. Websites and online applications must be compatible with as many web browsers as is practical, given the wide variety of web browsers on the market, each having specific capabilities and specifications.

Without cross-browser compatibility, a website or web application may work flawlessly in one browser but malfunction or show inaccurately in another. This can result in a terrible user experience, fewer visitors, and lower sales.

Cross-browser compatibility may be impacted by several things, such as web standards support, variations in CSS and JavaScript capability, and differences in rendering engines. Web developers must test their websites and web apps on various browsers and fix any problems found to ensure cross-browser compatibility.

Web Security

Security risks can affect websites, including malware, phishing, and hacking. A full-stack WordPress developer should be knowledgeable about security and capable of putting security precautions in place to safeguard websites. Web developers should have a solid grasp of web security concepts and best practices because it is critical to website development. The following are a few justifications for web developers learning web security:

  • Safeguarding user data: Encrypting sensitive user data, adopting secure login and authentication procedures, and guarding against typical security risks are all part of securing user data.
  • Avoiding threats: Web developers must be able to recognize and stop attacks like cross-site scripting (XSS), SQL injection, and other widespread security flaws. Online developers may stop their websites and online apps from being infiltrated by comprehending how these assaults function and implementing the necessary security measures.
  • Legal requirements: Some laws and regulations have been applied to the security and privacy of user data on websites and online apps. These specifications must be known to web developers, who must ensure that their websites and web applications adhere to them.
  • Reputation: A security breach might hurt a company's reputation, which could have a long-term impact on its ability to conduct business. Online developers may aid in preserving the reputation of their business by guaranteeing the security of their websites and online apps.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Understanding SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is crucial for full-stack developers since it affects a website's or web application's success. Here are several justifications for full-stack engineers learning SEO:

  • An increase in webpage ranking: The practice of SEO helps improve the ranking of web applications on search engine results pages (SERPs). Full-stack developers with an understanding of SEO may put best practices into action to raise a website's rating, which may result in more visitors and income.
  • Effective website architecture: A website's or web application's architecture might affect how well it performs in search engine results. Full-stack developers with an understanding of SEO may design an efficient, search engine-friendly website architecture, which can boost a website's ranking.
  • User experience: SEO and UX (User Experience) are closely related. A search engine-optimized website will probably offer a better user experience. Websites that are user-friendly and SEO-optimized may be made by full-stack developers familiar with search engine optimization.
  • Competitive advantage: By mastering SEO, full-stack WordPress developers may provide value to their client's or employers' businesses. They can work with customers or employers to develop websites and online apps that are search engine optimized, giving them a competitive edge.

Collaboration and Communication

Effective teamwork and communication are essential to the collaborative process of web development. Web developers should be adept at teamwork and communication for the following reasons:

  • Understanding prerequisites: It takes effective communication to grasp each project's requirements fully. To comprehend the needs and expectations of clients and stakeholders for the website or web application, web developers must be able to interact with them.
  • Working together: A single developer seldom completes web development. A team of programmers, designers, and other experts must often collaborate. Effective collaboration is required to ensure that everybody works towards the same goals and that the project is completed on time and within budget.
  • Problem-solving: Web development initiatives frequently run into issues and roadblocks that need cooperation and communication to be resolved. To solve issues and come to judgments that are advantageous to the project, web developers must be able to collaborate with other team members.
  • Delivering high-quality work:Good communication and teamwork may ensure the finished result is high-quality and satisfies the customer's demands. Before the project is done, the team may identify mistakes and make changes by cooperating well and communicating.


Full-stack WordPress developers are skilled professionals who can develop both the front and back end of WordPress websites. They are in high demand due to their expertise in web development, which encompasses database design, server-side scripting, client-side scripting, and web design. Whether you are looking to hire a full-stack WordPress developer or aspire to become one, make sure to look for these 10 essential abilities.

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