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Steps To Create Better Hiring Procedure

Create Better Hiring Procedure

Hiring is a crucial process for every organization as it is essential to retain high-quality employees. For this reason, it is necessary to create proper talent acquisition process having reputable management and proper job descriptions to get hold of better candidates that are suitable for the position. Besides, proper hiring can be achieved by forming a structured and comprehensive procedure. Thus, in this article we will understand ways through which you can achieve a perfect hiring procedure which is helpful to hire and retain best employees.

1.Begin with motivating job description

The first thing to do to create a better hiring process is giving out motivational job descriptions through advertisement. Motivating and inspiring job descriptions will compel the candidates to come forward and apply for the position. You can include words that focus towards candidate’s growth and success in the organization, and how your organization will help the candidate to discover its best potential. In this way you can present highly intriguing message in your advertisement to attract potential candidates. Moreover, you must remember that it is your organization that is approaching for hiring the candidates. Hence, firstly you need to address their expectations and desires from the job. You need to show how your organization is able to fulfill the job expectations of the candidates. Doing so will put a positive image of your organization and candidates will be compelled to apply for the position. Hence, put your words in the most inspiring way to get the most suitable candidates on panel.

2. Create ideal interviewing procedure

Another step for better hiring is creating the most ideal interviewing process. Although the interview procedures are different in different organizations, but there are some similarities in every procedure. Assessing and analyzing the candidate based on one aspect isn’t enough, you need to look for every aspect that can have impact on the working style of a candidate. Thus, bifurcate the process in parts, in one part analyze the candidate's qualifications, skills, abilities, and know-hows of the profile for which he/she is applying. Ask candidates behavioral questions to judge the candidate whether he/she is suitable for the position from abilities and skills point of view. And keep the next part for value-based assessment, this is to identify whether or not the candidate is suitable and align with the values of your organization. This helps the interviewer to know whether the person sitting next to the table is ready to align and work with prospective brand or not. To assess the value, asking practical and real-life questions will help you to get better answers from the candidate. Thus, both technical and value based-assessment is necessary to have better candidate on board, missing out on any of these two means that your interview procedure is incomplete.

3.Create standardized hiring process

Creating a standardized process means ensuring the fairness of the interviewing procedure. Sometimes, biased interview procedure leads to improper hiring of the candidates, as not being fair will only result in placing the wrong person at a wrong position. Hence, to nullify this, having fair and transparent interview process is essential, for this you can use the method of scoring. A scoring spectrum will ensure that the interview is fair in all aspects regardless of who is the interviewer. Give scores to the candidates based on knowledge, ability and values to get the most appropriate result. Besides, in a panel have more than one or two interviewers, this will check whether one is getting biased or not. Also, having more than one or two interviewers means there is diversified ideologies on table, this will lead to proper assessment of the individual by keeping the whole process fair.

4.Determine which process is working

As said hiring process is different in different organization, but many a times a single organization uses multiple process of hiring to see which one is giving the best results. Consequently, this means quantifying and analyzing what is working and what is not. Moreover, analyzing the procedures will help you to know the plus points and shortcomings of each procedure, through this you can make better changes in the procedure to yield better results. However, the most important parameter to use while analyzing any process is by looking at the quality of hires. Locate that which procedure is able to give you the most able and potential candidates, and which procedure failed your hiring process. This is one of the best ways to categorize your interviewing procedures based on what is working for potential hiring and what’s not.

5. Finish the hiring process quickly

Candidates don’t prefer to work with an organization that drags the screening and interview process and stretches it for weeks. This is because it makes the candidate stuck in the one interview procedure, and he/she is unable to look forward for the another one, this is simply counted as the waste of time from candidate’s point of view. Thus, it is important to respect the time of candidates as well, so that if they want, then they can look forward for other opportunities as well. So, always try to finish your screening, testing and interviewing process as fast as possible, even if it gets time-consuming and costly. Hence, make your hiring process simple and up to the mark to finish it off in lesser time.


Hiring process is not stagnant and it must change with time, as it is always necessary to develop better and advanced way of doing things. So, when it comes to hiring process, it must have proper technology and an advanced pattern of evaluating and assessing the candidates. Besides, it is necessary to analyze the existing hiring process and keep developing new and better framework to hire the candidates. Thus, an ideal and advanced hiring process can help you to achieve your placements goals and expectations. Through it you can filter down the most appropriate and able candidates for your organization whose prospective values and expectations matches with the position that you are offering.

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