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How To Answer ’If you were hiring a job seeker, what qualities would you look for’?

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As a job seeker, it is understandable to be anxious when attending an important job interview. There are many questions you will have to answer in order to make a great impression and get the position you want. One of those questions could be ‘if you were hiring someone, what qualities would you look for?’ This can seem like an intimidating question but fret not: there is no right or wrong answer as long as your response shows that you understand the skills necessary for success in any work environment. With this guide, we will explore how to identify favorable qualities when interviewing potential candidates and provide helpful tips on how to effectively communicate those same attributes when answering this inquiry during any future job interviews.

Significance of asking ‘What qualities do you look for in an employee if you were hiring’?

During interviews, employers often pose challenging questions to assess a candidate's suitability for a job and their understanding of the responsibilities and role. While there are common interview questions that come to mind, employers may also throw unexpected questions to gauge your quick thinking and accuracy. Your answer should emphasize the employer's expectations for the position you have applied for, including the ideal qualifications and skills required to fulfill the job responsibilities. To prepare the best response, try putting yourself in the employer's shoes and consider their perspective. We have outlined some methods below to help you craft a strong answer: Research about the job- To give the best effective answer to this question, start by doing research about the job profile that you have applied for. Understand the nature of job that you are interviewing for and list down the skills and qualifications needed for it. Also keep a note of the expectations of the employer while preparing the answer, like what exactly an employer is looking forward to. Additionally, to learn about the job in depth consider browsing an organization’s website to understand their functionality, in this way you will be able to do in-depth research and will be able to form your answer in the most effective way.

  • Highlight priority qualities- For any job role there are some priority qualities that has to be present in an employee, otherwise the employee becomes unsuitable for the role. Hence, after doing thorough research about the job role, list down the priority qualities that are must needed in an employee which makes him/her suitable for job. In this way you will be able to form a convincing answer, and it will help you to answer the question to the point.
  • Make list of educational qualification- When hiring an employee, educational qualifications play a crucial role. It is important to carefully consider the required educational qualifications for the job and make a note of them. For instance, if you are hiring a sales executive, you would typically look for a bachelor's or master's degree in marketing and proficiency in sales software programs. Similarly, make sure to identify the educational requirements for the job you are applying for. This will enable you to provide more precise answers when asked about your qualifications.
  • Ask for feedback- After providing your response to the question, it's valuable to ask for feedback or suggestions from the employers. This demonstrates your openness and willingness to receive input, which reflects positively on your professionalism. Additionally, requesting feedback helps confirm your understanding of the job role and provides an opportunity to learn and grow by identifying any missed points in your answer.
  • Explain why you are suitable for the job- After wrapping up your answer, it is important to explain why you are well-suited for the job. Take this opportunity to openly express your ideas, viewpoints, strengths, and abilities. Additionally, enlighten the panel about your educational background and how it relates to the job role. By doing so, you can establish important connections between your abilities and the candidate profile they are seeking.
  • Show enthusiasm- While answering this question, make sure to showcase your enthusiasm for the job and why you are interested in working with the organization. As an ideal candidate, they would want someone who is passionate about their work and motivated to contribute to their company's success. This is the perfect opportunity to express how you can add value and contribute positively to the company's goals and objectives. Demonstrating your enthusiasm also reflects your dedication and eagerness to learn, grow, and excel in your career.
  • Provide examples- Whenever possible, use examples from your past experiences or education to support your answer. This will help demonstrate that you have relevant experience or skills that align with the job requirements. It will also give employers a better understanding of how you apply those qualities in practical situations and how it can benefit their organization.


Facing an interview is no easy task; it requires a lot of practice and preparation to succeed. While some interview questions are straightforward and can be easily anticipated and prepared for, others can catch you off guard and truly test your abilities. In this article, we provide an answer to one of the most challenging yet intriguing questions that often arise during interviews. By utilizing the methods outlined here, you can ensure that your response is both precise and exceptional, leaving a lasting impression on your interviewer.

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